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Tickets for the FIBA U19 World Championship (27 June-7 July) in Prague, Czech Republic are available.

You can find all the information and purchase tickets by going to the Sazka Ticket and websites.

Tickets for the tournament are structured as daily passes that enable spectators to view all games at one specific venue (either the O2 Arena or the Podvinny Mlyn Arena) for a day's play. Ticket holders can walk in and out of the arena as they wish.

A separate ticket is required for each arena.

At the O2 Arena, spectators can choose between two ticket categories, with prices ranging from 6 to 11 Euro (150-290 CZK). Additionally, courtside VIP tickets - which include catering - are also available.

At the smaller Podvinny Mlyn Arena, only one category of tickets is envisioned, with prices set at 7 Euro.

Tickets can be booked online.

Tickets are priced as follows:

Preliminary Round and Eighth-Final Round
O2 Arena
VIP - 58 Euro (1490 CZK)
Category A - 9.50 Euro (250 CZK)
Category B - 6 Euro (150 CZK)

Podvinny Mlyn Arena
Only one category - 7 Euro (190 CZK)

Final Round
O2 Arena

VIP - 70 Euro (1790 CZK)
Category A - 11 Euro (290 CZK)
Category B - 7 Euro (190 CZK)

Check out the tournament schedule here.

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